Water soluble & Hypoallergenic External & Personal use only
Polygel USM Gel Hipoallergen

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It is hypoallergenic. It does not irritate the skin, it dissolves in water Easy to clean. Does not contain oil and oil substances

Does not contain formaldehyde and salt. There is no toxic effect. Odorless. The pH level is around 7. Suitable for all skin types.

The active substanses are not damaging the device thanks to the vacuum technology used the high viscosity and its production.

It doesn t been affected during utilization from the salt on the body.

It provides comford on applications.

Usage areas of ultrasound gel are quite wide. In short, ultrasound is used in many areas such as ecg. exetrional practices ecg electrodes, epilation applications, etc.

It does not damage the devices thanks to its active ingredients, high viscosity and vacuum technology used in its production.

It is not affected by salt in the body during use.

Provides comfort in practice

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